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Toxicowatch Foundation depends entirely on private donations and volunteers. If you care to support us you can either donate or ask to join us as a volunteer.


The Toxicowatch foundation has been given the status of Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling (ANBI), which is the Dutch equivalent to a Non Governmental Organization (NGO).

Toxicowatch is independent from any government or commercial organizations.


The Toxicowatch foundation depends entirely on gifts and donations. If you can relate to our cause and our goals, please feel free to support us with a donation or see if you can help us by volunteering. Your support will enable Toxicowatch to carry on to research different facets of public health.



IBAN: NL90 TRIO 0781 4360 44

Toxicowatch Foundation


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If you know a way to help us send your proposal to info@toxicowatch.org.